FAQs - Cycling Connoisseur

Have some questions about our store? Chances are they've been asked before. Check below!

Seems like the shipping weights are pretty high for some of the items. Why is that?

The shipping weight shown in the listing isn't the actual weight of the item being shipped. This weight is a combination of the item, the packing materials, and the package itself. This figure is just so that we can accurately calculate the shipping charges.

Is the item in the picture the actual item I am going to receive? 

  • Not necessarily. We only take pictures of one item, but sell multiples of that item. But we do describe the condition of each item and whichever item you receive will fit in that level of quality. See our Policies page for more details. 
I love to go to my local bike shop and haggle with the salespeople and try to get a better deal on my parts! Can I do that here? Also, what about price matching?
  • We understand how important it is to spend your money wisely and we always try to price our items as competitively as possible. Because of the nature of an online store, we do not allow haggling. It just doesn't work well on the internet. As far as price matching goes, since most of are items are used, unique, vintage, or otherwise not new, there's no real way to compare one item to another from another place, even if it's exactly the same item. One scratch can make all the difference in the price. 

Great job on the picture of your items, but I want to see a particular angle on an item.  Do you have any other pictures? 

  • When we picture our items, we try to take pictures of the most important elements of each item. We aren't professional photographers, but we do our best. If there is something about the item that you need to see to determine if it belongs in your collection, we would be glad to take another picture or two to help you make that decision. However, please check the photos listed closely for any details you may need before requesting more.

I just ordered that item that I've always wanted! How long is it going to take for me to get it?

  • Please see our Policies page for more details about shipping.